By registering, making the payment or presenting yourself to participate in the DanzaMedicina events, you declare that you have read, accept and undertake to comply with all the rules, guidelines, terms and conditions indicated by DanzaMedicina, its employees, representatives, agents at contract or volunteers, including but not limited to the following:


a) The proposed activities have the sole purpose of promoting self-knowledge, not being able to replace or integrate any diagnosis, treatment, therapy, drug, cure or disease prevention

b) The participant undertakes to follow all the instructions, guidelines and warnings provided by DanzaMedicina and its duly authorized representatives, during all the experiences, dynamics and activities to be carried out during the activity

c) This membership term includes the registration form where it is necessary to include any particularities regarding your health conditions

d) This term supersedes any other verbal or written understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter of this instrument


a) The participant must be responsible for her physical and mental integrity, acting with diligence, safety, responsibility and common sense

b) It is the participant's responsibility to fill out the Registration Form correctly and completely (which will be sent before the start of the event), and must comply with the guidelines of DanzaMedicina regarding their conditions to participate in the event in a healthy way it's safe.

c) The participant is responsible for his medical conditions, especially with regard to chronic and pre-existing diseases communicated in the registration form

d) The participant declares that he will not use illegal substances or prescription drugs not declared in the Entry Form during the immersion period in the DanzaMedicina events

e) Health conditions that require a different approach to nutrition must be communicated in advance to verify the suitability of the meals

f) The participant declares to be aware that, due to the location of the venue, medical assistance may not be available

g) The participant authorizes that, in case of need, DanzaMedicina or whoever it designates, administers first aid measures or transmits it to the nearest health facility, when medical care is available on site

h) The participant undertakes to respect all the rules relating to safety when using the event venue

i) DanzaMedicina will not be liable for any damages or accidents resulting from willful, negligent or imprudent actions or omissions

j) If the participant decides to spontaneously leave the venue before the end of the event, he must first notify the organization, aware that DanzaMedicina is not responsible for any damage to physical or mental integrity deriving from such removal.


a) The participant authorizes the free use of all audiovisual material produced during the event that contains his image and sound by DanzaMedicina, as well as authorizes the transfer of such rights

b) The participant declares that he will not use the images produced during the event for commercial or advertising purposes or for the dissemination of his own work or that of third parties other than DanzaMedicina. Entrant is not authorized to sell, transfer, license, sublicense, give, use or permit the use of the Images to any third party or in any media item, periodical, video, blog, advertising or promotional material, unless with the preventive and express consent of DanzaMedicina, under penalty of compensation for moral and material damages

c) To ensure that other participants feel free to express themselves fully and to guarantee the protection of their privacy, the participant agrees not to write or provide information about the event, its activities and events, including, but not limited to, articles in magazines, personal blogs or books without the prior written authorization of DanzaMedicina, under penalty of compensation for moral and material damages


a) It is the participant's responsibility to bring and keep their personal belongings. DanzaMedicina is not responsible for objects or sums lost, damaged or forgotten on site

b) The participant undertakes not to be absent from the place of the activities and to remain with the group from the beginning until the end of the event, even when not actively participating in the proposed activities

c) The participant will immediately inform DanzaMedicina or the team designated for the organization, of any observed behavior or condition that endangers others or herself

d) The participant must fill in the Registration Form correctly and in all its parts.
The participant declares that the provided information is true, and does not hold DanzaMedicina responsible for the actual consequences of providing false or inexact information

e) The participant acknowledges that DanzaMedicina reserves the right to suspend his participation in any event that he considers dangerous for third parties or for himself


a) Participação no event could be canceled without prior notice at any moment case or participant descumpra qualquer point deste Termos, ficando a DanzaMedicina authorized to use the best legal means to withdraw the participant, always directed to any devolution of values, and can, again , his participation in future events from DanzaMedicina will be withdrawn

b) The participant is free from all liability to DanzaMedicina and any liability, claim, indemnity, judicial or extrajudicial process for any injury, damage or death deriving from participation in an event or use and enjoyment of those who receive the event

c) Return policy in the event of cancellation requested by the participant: return of full value less to the respective administrative custodians, until 17/05/23, return of 50% until 17/07/23, without return after 17/07/23. A vague is transferable from what was communicated to the DanzaMedicina team before the start date of the activities.

d) Cancellation policy in the event of cancellation by accident or major force: neither party will be liable in the event of cancellation by accident or major force. (i) The participant will be able to request the refund of 100% (one hundred percent) of the value at 10 (dex) days after the official cancellation announcement for DanzaMedicina or after the new data stamp for the realization of the event. Communications will be made through the e-mail indicated on the Application Form; (ii) After 10 days' lunch, the return policy will be applied in the event of cancellation requested by the participant, in accordance with item "c" above; (iii) Case ocorra after the start of the event will not have refunded. In nenhum case a DanzaMedicina will cover any administrative expenses, taxas, encargos, passagens, alimentação and hospedagem starting from fortuitous case or força maior. In both cases, the story is transferred from what was communicated to the DanzaMedicina team before the start date of the activities.

DanzaMedicina Membership Agreement: last update 03/13/2023.